Sunrise Quartzite Private Limited is an innovative and progressive company involved in mining, extraction, processing and supply of quartzites. Our quarries for quartzites are located at Bijolia, Rajasthan are spread over area more than 456 hectares. Right from the quarrying phase the stone elements (blocks, slabs, tiles & components) undergo continuous quality control. This quest for quality is made possible thanks to the innovative technology used during both phases of quarrying and processing result of which we are able to offer our customers products which are equally strong and beautiful.

Quartzite is among the best dimensional stones available anywhere in the world for most uses including decorative, landscaping and construction. It is strong and durable which makes it lasting building material for construction. We produce a wide range of quartzites for various interior and exterior applications such as flooring, cladding, counter tops, window stools, skirting boards, sign boards, fireplace, grave stone, monuments, etc

We are leading company in the sector of quartzite and are committed to work in harmony with the nature. We respect and meet environmental compliance regulated by authorities. We try to prevent pollution where practically associated with our activities by formal waste management systems, ensuring proper storage of hazardous substance and taking preventive maintenance of equipments which could have significant environmental impacts.

We ensure high quality standards to meet ever growing demand of stone industry across the globe. Our quarry techniques are suited to extract good quality Products and fabrication facilities are equipped to provide customers various products and finishes of quartzites to meet with project requirements.

We are customer focused and believe in offering products and services which are going to add value to our clients. Our products are being produced high level of vigilance and packed using standardized packaging Products. We ensure prompt delivery and effective communication with our clients. Our organization comprises of dedicated and motivated professionals who are fully aware of the tasks ahead and work in coordination with organizational objectives to provide impeccable products and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in Sunrise Quartzite, and if you have any queries, please contact our representative